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Welcome at FLLOSS

This trac is for the coordination of LivingLogic AG's Free/Libre Open Source Software projects.


The following projects are hosted here:


XIST includes:


liaalh? is apache admins little helper — at least when it comes to logging. The liaalh suite of programs allows for easy splitting of log files based on timestamps and virtual hosts, remote logging, online merging of the logs of several servers of a serverfarm.


ll.orasql contains utilities for working with cx_Oracle:

  • It allows calling procedures and functions with keyword arguments (via the Procedure and Function classes).
  • Query results will be put into Record objects, where database fields are accessible as object attributes.
  • The Connection class provides methods for iterating through the database metadata.


ll.nightshade allows you to use Oracle PL/SQL procedures/functions as CherryPy response handlers. A Call objects wraps a ll.orasql.Procedure or ll.orasql.Function object from the ll.orasql module.


aplora can be used with Apache's piped logging facility to log HTTP requests to an Oracle database.


pycoco is a script that can be used to generate code coverage info for the Python source code.

The script downloads the Python source code, builds the interpreter with code coverage options, runs the test suite and generates an HTML report how often each source code line in each C or Python file has been executed by the test suite.

Example output is available at


A Java version of the UL4 compiler and interpreter.

Mailing lists

A mailing list is available.

A mailing list archive can be found here.


We are in #flloss on freenode. Come join us there.


The Mercurial repositories are available from this Trac instance or from

For cloning use the URL[projectname], e.g.:

$ hg clone


All packages can be downloaded from: