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1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>
2<py:page path="xist/mailinglists">
3<par>There are two mailings lists for &xist;.</par>
5<par>The discussion list is for discussions related to &xist;. To subscribe send an
6email to <email></email> with
7<lit>subscribe</lit> in the body. For more information, send an email to
8<email></email> with <lit>help</lit> in the
9body. Post to the list by sending an email to <email></email>.</par>
11<par>The announcement mailing list is for announcements concerning &xist; (like new
12releases etc.). To subscribe send an email
13to <email></email> with
14<lit>subscribe</lit> in the body. For more information, send an email to
15<email></email> with <lit>help</lit>
16in the body.</par>
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