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1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
2<py:page path="" xmlns:py="" xmlns="">
3<p>This pages host several Open Source Python packages and modules developed
4by LivingLogic.</p>
7<li><em><pyref module="ll.xist">ll.xist</pyref></em> is an &html;/&xml;
8generator that's easy to extend with new elements. (These pages are
9generated with &xist;)</li>
10<li><em><pyref module="ll.ul4c">ll.ul4c</pyref></em> is a crossplatform
11templating language.</li>
12<li><em><pyref module="ll.url">ll.url</pyref></em>, a module that implements
13an RFC2396 compatible &url; class.</li>
14<li><em><pyref module="ll.make">ll.make</pyref></em> is an object oriented
15make replacement.</li>
16<li><em><pyref module="ll.daemon">ll.daemon</pyref></em> is a module that
17can be used on UNIX to fork a daemon process.</li>
18<li><em><pyref module="ll.sisyphus">ll.sisyphus</pyref></em> is a module that
19simplifies running Python stuff in cron jobs.</li>
20<li><em><pyref module="ll.color">ll.color</pyref></em> handles RGB color
21values and conversion between different color models.</li>
22<li><em><pyref module="ll.orasql">ll.orasql</pyref></em> contains a few
23utilities for working with <a href=""><app>cx_Oracle</app></a>.</li>
24<li><em><pyref module="ll.misc">ll.misc</pyref></em> contains common
25functionality used by the other packages.</li>
26<li><em><a href="aplora/index.html">Aplora</a></em> is a script that
27can be used with Apaches piped logging facility to log &http; requests to
28an Oracle database.</li>
29<li><em><a href="pycoco/index.html">Pycoco</a></em> builds the
30Python interpreter from the current Python source, runs the test suite and
31generates an &html; report about the code coverage.</li>
34<p>A <a href="">Trac instance</a> is available
35hosting all these packages.</p>
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