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ll-orasql 1.16.

Revamp download stuff: Now ssh-URLs are used to get all files for one
version of the package (and to get the sizes again).

1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>
2<py:page path="core/download/old">
3<par>Older versions of the modules in the core package were distributed
4seperately before ll-core 1.0. You can download those old packages from here
5or hunt around in the <link href="">&http; download directory</link>
6or the <link href="">&ftp; download directory</link>:</par>
7<py:downloads name="core">
8<py:download version="0.3" date="05/24/2005"/>
9<py:download version="0.2.1" date="01/21/2005"/>
10<py:download version="0.2" date="01/11/2005"/>
11<py:download version="0.1" date="01/03/2005"/>
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