Welcome at the F/LLOSS Trac

Its mission is to help people collaborate on the free core technologies of LivingLogic AG. All Software here is FLLOSS - Free LivingLogic Open Source Software. Cheesy pun, we know, but this LL is sticking to us since the first days over 10 years ago. Of course all the software here is Libre, too. ;)

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an extensible HTML and XML generator. Several closely related projects are being included in the XIST package nowadays.
UL4 is an language-independent templating engine. The Python version of the UL4 compiler and runtime is included in XIST nowadays. For the Java UL4 compiler and interpreter see: livinglogic.java.ul4.


the one-step-to-happiness solution for Apache access-logging (ok, two steps, if you have a serverfarm ;) ). Tipimaid helps you keep your Apache's home clean and uncluttered.
aplora can be used with Apache's piped logging facility to log HTTP requests to an Oracle database.


pycoco is a script that can be used to generate code coverage info for the Python source code.


Be sure to also visit the former FLLOSS site at http://www.livinglogic.de/Python for documentation of all the packages we provide as Open Source. This includes all the other packages, which are not (yet) available from the mercurial repository at this site.

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